Study medicine at the most renowned state medical university in Belarus

Belarus has become a preferred study destination for students to pursue their medical education in the recent past. The main reasons being, 

1. Belarusian campuses are globally accepted. (WHO, UK, USA, Australia and EU) 

2. Affordable education; although this does not limit their quality in delivering a world-class education for its students.

3. Chinese medical education, a preferred study destination among Sri Lankan students, has been unresponsive and has a tarnished reputation in terms of student services.

4. Russian Medical Universities charge a higher cost for an English medium curriculum. 

Due to these reasons, Belarus has become one of the most sorts after destinations among Sri Lankan students. Belarus is a country located between Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Latvia and Ukraine with a population of approximately 10 million. The country’s capital is Minsk, the most urbanised city in Belarus, whereas the other states are developed to a level of suburbs and towns. 

Out of the many states, medical universities in Belarus the most renowned state medical university is the Belarussian State Medical University located in heart of the capital, Minsk. A research-informed curriculum using a variety of methods to support student-centred learning made them the country’s leading medical, educational institute.

Located just 30 minutes (50km) away from the Minsk International airport this is the most preferred option for international students. Currently, the university accommodates over 1800 international students from 51 countries. The university also has state of the art laboratories, lecture halls, a library and an extensive anatomy museum as well as other facilities such as sports centres and comfortable and well-furnished student hostels which is only a 5-minute walk (400m) from the university. 

But what makes Belarusian State Medical University stand out from the other state medical universities in Belarus? 

• Recognized by Sri Lanka Medical Council. (SLMC)

• Globally recognised by the World Health Organization (WHO), General Medical Council (UK), Australian Medical Council (Australia), Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (USA) and other medical bodies.

• Ranked 1 state medical university in Belarus.

 Ranked 745th globally.

• 100 years of excellence. (1921-2021)

• Clinical training is conducted in 70 clinics and hospitals.

• Oldest medical university with the best state-of-the-art facilities in the capital city of Minsk, including 6 research laboratories and 100 researchers and technical specialists.

• Collaborations with 25 international corporations worldwide. (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Japan, etc.)

• Foreign medical licensing exam preparation within the curriculum. (ERPM-Sri Lanka, PLAB-UK, USMLE-USA and AMC-Australia)

State of the Art Facility


  • Being the most prominent and oldest university in the country, it occupies a vast spatial configuration for 6 research laboratories with 100 technical research areas dedicated to the medical field. 
  • A total of 72 departments are developed to improve students learning with 29 theoretical and 43 clinical lectures, from which 60% are academic classes, and the remaining are subjected to practical sessions.
  • The Belarusian State Medical University library is the largest library in the Republic of Belarus, which has a complete fund of educational, scientific, and reference publications on medicine and related sciences.

Affiliated Hospitals

  • The teaching staff of the clinical departments of the university uses new technologies in the treatment of severe pathological conditions and performs extensive medical interventions.
  • BSMU is equipped with 43 clinical departments for latest research and clinical training. 
  • BSMU collaborates with 70 hospitals intending to facilitate direct practical classes from well-educated practitioners.
  • Some of the well-known hospitals are Municipal Hospitals, Infectious Diseases hospitals, Military hospitals, Minsk city multi-hospital and City Clinic hospitals.

Anatomy Museum

  • Four leading museums are set up in the university
  • An extensive collection of medical specimens is kept for observation and further learning.

Hostel and Student Life

  • BSMU hostel is a 5-minute walk from the university, approximately 400m.
  • Meals are available for students till 10:00pm.
  • Students can use public utilities such as electricity, water, central heating and washing machines. Refrigerators and microwaves can be used in student blocks.
  • Students will not miss the Asian cuisine. BSMU has installed a restaurant called Café Namaste in the student hostel.
  • CCTV surveillances operate at all times for students’ protection.
  • The rooms are on sharing basis where two or three separate beds are allocated in each room with study tables and cupboards.
  • A standard heating system and laundry conveniences are made available for students.
  • 24×7 internet connections are freely available.
  • Student sports centre and student clubs organise various activities within the university  for students to participate and enhance their extra-curricular activities.  
  • International students can participate in various activities and concerts organised by the university  to represent the Sri Lankan community. 
  • Medical conferences in European Regions are conveniently accessible for BSMU students.
  • Students can get a wonderful experience in Eastern Europe to balance their medical career and study life by actively participating in extracurricular activities.

Consistently ranked higher for international medical education and quality of the curriculum, BSMU is the perfect option for local students looking for affordable yet globally recognised medical degrees. To get further insightful information and admissions, liaise with the official representative for BSMU on + 94 777 997 998.

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