Student Life

For Sri Lankan students seeking globally recognised, accessible medical education, BSMU is a preferred choice due to its healthy acceptance rates, affordable tuition and generous lifestyle. University tuition fees in Belarus are much lower than those in the USA, Canada, and the UK, yet the quality of education equals leading universities. 
With comprehensive knowledge, student activities, and practical skills, BSMU graduates are highly competitive globally. And because of quality standards and general acceptance of degrees, the students also have better career opportunities after graduation. 
Currently, Belarusian state medical University has employed about 880 scholars and researchers. 
More importantly, BSMU is recognised by the Sri Lankan Medical Council. 
The university authorities cooperate with social changes and provide high-level information to local and international students.

  • Over 60 Sri Lankan students currently studying at Belarusian State Medical University.
  • International students from over 51 nations are currently studying at Belarusian State Medical University.
  • 24 hours open hyper-markets.
  • Fully furnished, clean student hostels (known as youth centres) exclusively for international students.
  • Strict hostel rules and regulations.
  • 24 hours on-call doctor and ambulance services within the hostel premises.
  • 100% insurance cover for acute illnesses and accidental emergencies.
  • Sri Lankan student representative present within the hostel premises.
  • Sri Lankan students’ union at the university.
  • Sri Lankan and Indian cuisines are available in the university cafeteria – Café Namaste.
  • Delivery services for food are available within the hostel/ dorm premises.
  • Free textbooks and no examination fee for all 6 years of studies.
  • 45 minutes drive from the Minsk international airport to the university (Cost approximately $10)
  • English, Russian and Sinhala speaking environment.