Enriched Route To Medical Education Abroad

The medical profession is a noble pursuit. The mere fact that you can help other people and offer them solace and encouragement in their time of need makes being a doctor worth every ounce of effort put forth.  Worldwide medical universities play a significant role in continuity, and it is reassuring to see the new generation taking over. One said the university is Belarusian State Medical University (BSMU), which dates back to 1921. The creative thinking and innovative and adaptive teaching made the university country’s ranked 1 state medical university.

As part of the initiative to expand its network across the region, BSMU announced the appointment of Dr Harry Prasad (MD) as the university’s representative in Sri Lanka. Dr Harry Prasad pursued his primary education at St. Joseph’s College, Colombo. He has received the Doctor of Medicine (MD) and Higher National Diploma in the Russian language from Vitebsk State Medical University in Belarus. He was too recognised among the best ten scorers in the ERPM examination in Sri Lanka, an MBA degree holder from the University of the West of Scotland and also holds a Diploma in Counselling and Psychotherapy. He is currently employed at a leading private hospital in Colombo, operating as the Operational in charge of the Fertility Centre and a Medical Officer for Obstetrics and Gynaecology. BSMU thus becomes the only Belarusian University to have a representative in Sri Lanka. This comes along with Dr Harry Prasad being chosen as the President of the International Graduates’ Association. In this distinguished capacity, he will be working internationally to strengthen the Belarusian student network, fostering meaningful partnerships and increasing alumni engagement.

Dr Harry Prasad attended the International Educational Forum 2021 in Minsk, Belarus, to unite foreign graduates of Belarusian universities to create a robust approach for equitable and quality education to students worldwide. As a member of the International Graduates’ association and graduate from Belarusian University, it is the very first time to have witnessed the values of the honour at the forum during which he made his proclamation:

“Sri Lankan students are already in a challenging position to seek admissions to local medical universities. Moreover, Sri Lanka’s most prominent educational conglomerates persuade to strongly impose excessive charges to the fullest extent for the services they offer, in a manner that students afford very few chances to pursue higher education overseas. Moreover, the younger generation in Sri Lanka is not acquainted with accurate information to identify genuine sources, thereby getting medical career advice from an inexperienced group of individuals and organisations who could mislead their professional prospects.

A significant cause for concern for parents, at present, are hidden costs and fees under the name of welfare charges, additional expenses and many more that local organisations propose to recruit students. From personal experiences, I have identified the problematic areas. These risk factors can be mitigated through proper research and, most importantly, liaising with personnel approved via universities. BSMU guarantees that no additional costs will be involved upon landing in Belarus by the student. These consolidated services are fixed and formalised in a written agreement. Furthermore, to overcome this overpriced overseas medical education, as the President of International Graduates’ Association and as a representative for Belarusian State Medical University, I acknowledge ensuring that any individual or organisation closely collaborating with me for the student placements will be served with minimal financial perplexity. Also, in line with the university and Medical Council guidelines, students are facilitated to fly abroad for higher medical education.” – Dr Harry Prasad.


Why choose BSMU?

  • Recognised by Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) (27th August 2021 to 26th August 2026)
  • Globally recognised by WHO, GMC-UK, AMC-Australia, ECFMG-USA and other medical regulatory bodies
  • Ranked 1 state medical university
  • Ranked 745th globally
  • 100 years of excellence (1921-2021)
  • Clinical training is conducted in 70 teaching hospitals
  • The best state-of-the-art facilities in the capital city of Minsk, including 6 research laboratories and 100 researchers and technical specialists
  • English medium curriculum
  • Lowest tuition fee ($5,200 per annum) and lowest living cost ($100-$120 per month)
  • Hostel facilities in a youth city with 24/7 functioning
  • Culture festivals and celebrations welcomed to demonstrate international cultural diversity
  • 100% visa guaranteed (T&C Apply)
  • Collaborations with 25 international corporations worldwide (USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, Australia, Russia, China, Japan and more)
  • Foreign medical licensing exam perpetration within the curriculum (ERPM-Sri Lanka, PLAB-UK, USMLE-USA, AMC-Australia)


Consistently ranked higher for international medical education and quality of the curriculum, BSMU is the perfect option for local students looking for affordable yet globally recognised medical degrees. To get further insightful information and admissions, liaise with the official representative, Dr Harry Prasad (MD), or, contact – 0777 997 998.

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